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About me

I am a NUA (Norwich university of the Arts) BA Fashion degree graduate. I graduated with a first class degree back in June 2017.

My graduate collection "The Sad Boys" was created during a time in my life where my mental health was heavily affected by the pressures of university and my personal life. I always said I wanted to create a collection I could look back and still be proud of for which I am. Four years later the collection proves to have longevity and is much desired to be used by various people in shoots and films. Creating a collection from a time where I myself struggled is something I want to explore again as oddly enough this is when I'm at my best. When I'm raw and emotional and feel at my weakest is when I make the most meaningful and beautiful things.

I have a keen eye for colour, fabrication and texture. This helps me create not only visually pleasing, fully working and wearable garments but also allows me to come up with amazing concepts for not only myself as a designer but also for others. Be it a film maker, a photographer etc. 

I specialise in design, making, mood boarding, merchandising, styling and alterations on existing clothing. I have skills within garment transformation also. For me the industry is such a giant and its hard to work out the best place to put yourself. I have always believed we consume too much clothing so why not take what we already have and turn it into something new. Or take something pre loved and turn it into something you can happily put in your wardrobe. 

For uears now I've had a passion for what once was... being able to look back at fashion, garments, movements and subcultures has always fascinated me to see what I can take from that time and fuse it together with something else creating something new and exciting. 

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Contact details

I am based in London. For any enquires on work seen on my site, using my collection in shoots, styling and general queries not involving alterations then please email me on outlining your query in the subject box, or message me via my instagram. 


Thank you.

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